Saturday, August 24, 2019

Read it or Throw it #213

The second article of my new blog. This time a condensed post full of goodness about productivity principles with specific recommendations to Mac users.

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Even though the article talks about exploring Rust only at Microsoft Security Response Center and not in more places within the company, for now, it's nonetheless a big accomplishment to Rust as the new alternative to the traditional system programming language like C/C++.

Microsoft won't be the first gigantic company to use Rust. 
Amazon relies on Rust for their Firecracker.
This is another positive sign that Rust has a bright future. 

In this blog post, Salvatore Sanfilippo (a.k.a antirez) goes low-level about the big forthcoming feature of Redis 6: Client-side caching.

The prerequisite for this will feature will be a breaking change on the redis protocol called: RESP3.
Existing redis client will have to go major changes in order to support these changes but I'm sure it'll worth it.

The new client-side caching will help applications gain better performance and be more real-time.
For some apps, it'll be a game-changer.

The Timber (check out this tool!) logging company released a new general-purpose logging collector agent likes Logstash//Filebeat/others.

Vector is written in Rust, and according to the site benchmarks it outperforms its competitors.
This tool comes with programmability for doing transformations of logged events using Lua.
Moreover, this tool has a detailed Roadmap filled with tons of goods.

A superb article about the nature of software development.
The article brings into the surface a lot of points that we see happening throughout our career.
This is a kind of article that should be re-read at least once a year.
The article is a long one but definitely worth reading!!

The open-source alternative to Google Spanner continues its growth.

Artichoke is an implementation of Ruby in Rust.
This is very cool!
BTW, there is also a more mature project of Python implementation in Rust called RustPython

Another new cool projejct is nushell. It's a shell (like bash/zsh/fish) but written in Rust :)

A Rust re-implementation of cloc that claims to be x100 faster.
loc will tell you how many lines of code has been written in your projects.
It will output stats per each programming language used.
There are usage flags like: "show LOC for each file" or "show LOC for by files regex"

I'm sure you're familiar with all these self-growing books.

The major problem with these books is that these books usually spread over way too many pages for providing a couple key messages.

Here comes Blinkisit to save us. It's a big archive of very short versions of most of these books.
Each book summary takes a couple of minutes to read. Most of the books also come as Audiobooks.'

I've already read about 30 short books like that in its Android mobile app.

This service costs mone, so you need to decide if it worth it for you.
Tip: look for a coupon on the internet.

"Good software, like wine, takes time"
Joel Spolsky

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