Saturday, May 3, 2014

Read it or Throw it reaches issue #150!!

Hi all!
  I'm very happy to announce that Read it or Throw it reached its 150th issue!!
The first issue was posted at 24/10/2011 (more than 3.5 years ago!)

Actually the motivation behind Read it or Throw it was to force myself to keep update-to-date with technological content of various kinds.

The reason the newsletter has this awkward name, tracks me back to the days when I used to email my friends links I found useful via a mailing-list.

As expected, each article would receive likes by part of the readers and dislikes by others.
If you ask 2 people, I'd get 3 answers ;)  So I've decided to give the newsletter this name: If you like what I post then Read it (and share it if you can...). if you don't like it then Throw it - it's cool too.

I believe that striving to stay updated as much as possible can benefit us in two major aspects:
1. Make us more creative
2. Help avoiding to reinvent the wheel

So... some words regarding the future:
1. I intend to keep posting a Read it or Throw it issue on a Weekly basis (there are weeks that I don't find the time/have enough content I find interesting enough to share).

2. Each issue will still be composed of exactly 10 links. I'll try hard to share contents of various flavours, which will be helpful/practical too.

3. I think about posting once a month a special issue surrounding a focused topic. All the links will target the same topic. There may be less than 10 links at these issues (maybe I'll give this series a different name...)

4. I'd be happy to receive some feedback from you!
Here are some questions I'd love to get some feedback:
   1. Did Read it or Throw it helped you at least once in you daily work?
   2. What type of content do you like the most?
   3. The number of links per issue and the frequency of posting the issues is OK? would you change it?
   4. How do you consume the content? (via email, via RSS, via visiting the site once in while)
   5. Anything else you'd do to make Read it or Throw it more awesome

   Please email me your feedback to:

Two last comments:
1. Feel free to send me technological content you think might interest more people. If I will insert it to one of my future issues (I can't promise) I will give you credits! (unless you ask me not to give you credit).
2. Please send Read it or Throw it to your friends/co-workers/anyone you think will love it

     Thank you!
        Yaron Wittenstein

Read it or Throw it #150