Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Read it or Throw it #28


  1. You were at the Alt.Net?
    We should have met there.

    2. Isn't that just a subset of ifttt?

    4. Great stuff indeed, if I were developing in .Net I'd use it.

    5. Meh. Not everyone really "chooses .Net". You choose a lot of things when applying for a job ... but if the super cool startup of your dreams were using .Net, that would be a silly reason to ditch them.

    Regarding what was said in the followup link ( about working at Facebook/Google - this sounds true to me. I think everyone joining a large company at this stage would learn a lot about their proprietary stack, and too little about open source tools. That's actually one of the reasons I left Google - I want to create a startup some time in the future, and the best to learn is by doing, tweaking with the OSS stack, not learning more Google-fu.

    The worst part about learning proprietary stuff is that it's impossible to find on Google. Yes, even in Google, whenever I faced a problem, I couldn't search Google for the solution or ask it on Stack Overflow ... that was agonizing for me. I'm so addicted to the Google+SO combination.

  2. I wasn't in the ALT.NET...

    2. I think you're right
    5. I found this article a little funny, but
    I also agree with some of the things said there...
    (more cultural things)